I’ve been slacking on my blog, along with most other things in life, but it’s been a busy fall and winter. I homeschooled my son for kindergarten this fall because of COVID. Then both kids got vaxxed, so I reenrolled Rory and he’s officially a K student now!

It’s going a lot better than I thought it would.

*tosses salt*

*knocks on wood*

My daughter has been in school all year. Our district is doing a fair job of dealing with COVID so far. Issy got into a girls’ club that looks amazing. Her best friend lives down the street. She plays video games online with various friends from school, too, so even when school is out she can stay in touch with her social circle. (As an introvert, I admire her ability to even keep up with that many people.) She still loves drawing and making art. She learned to needle felt during the pandemic.

My husband got a promotion at work, so he doesn’t have to work as much OT. He still works a lot of holidays, but it’s so nice having him home all weekend. He’s also permanently remote, so if at some point in the future we want to move, we can go wherever! The state his company is based in actually is somewhere we’d consider moving, too. We’re sticking around here for a while, probably through middle school for I. But after that, who knows…we could follow her to college and move across the street! 😀

I’m working two tiny part time jobs (a few hours a week) and getting back into some of my hobbies. I am cautiously optimistic that the ‘Vid won’t close school down again, since my son is finally freaking going.

I helped with another kitten rescue over the summer. We trapped Dolly and her seven kittens, and I kept them in my garage for a few days while we waited on their foster home to make arrangements. I got to socialize the babies. Dolly was already social; she just wanted the hell out of there. They all got homes and she is now a happy, single, childfree cat.

I’ve also been reading a lot, lately alternating between the Wheel of Time series and Hap and Leonard. Now that would be one heck of a mash-up…

Here are some pics of things I made and kitties (etc) I met in the last year.

My yard kitty playing catnip
The local pond swans, Frank and Maxine (I just made those names up).
Mom’s circle vest: https://moralefiber.blog/2016/06/05/lotus-mandala-circular-vest/
Big peets
R’s Poochy Pup-inspired costume
My circle vest (same pattern as above)
Summer babies
Summer babies
My stepmom’s circle vest – pattern

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