An introductory post

I should go ahead and confess that originally, I wanted to start this blog because I am learning WordPress. I don’t consider myself a particularly interesting person. I don’t consider myself a desperately boring person either; I’d probably be much more interesting if I weren’t so busy all the time.

Here’s some starter information about me. I’m not great at this but let’s get it out of the way so I can write about other things:

I’m a mother of two kids, one almost seven (Isa) and the other 15 months (Rory). I’m a working mom, which I think may be one of the dumbest labels ever, because the word “mom” implies work, doesn’t it? But since my wonderful partner and the father of my kids stays home with them, he is the one who does the most work. When I’m home we both contribute equally. Which pretty much means all the time.

I work in publishing, and I just left a job I’d been at for seventeen years to move from a position in commercial publishing to open-access. I also moved my family from three states away in the south to the midwest.

I’m a voracious reader and a huge fan of the public library system. I’ve also been writing since I was very young: poetry and journals, for the most part. I may share some of that here eventually.

I also love to make things. For the most part I knit, tie-dye, bake, and sew. There are always bits of unfinished projects squirreled away all over my house. I prefer making small things since I have a better chance of finishing those. I have a sweater I started two years ago that still needs half a sleeve; maybe I will get it done in time to be buried in it when I die of old age, but it still has to be blocked and sewn, so we’ll see.

Finally, as mentioned on the about page, I’ve lived with OCD for most of my life. I wasn’t diagnosed until my teen years, but I exhibited signs as a child that were chalked up to misbehavior or me just being a “weird kid.” I’ve managed it over the years through therapy, medication, or both. Sometimes I go for years without either, but I always have to be aware of whether it is negatively affecting my day to day life and act accordingly. I am currently on medication since I needed extra help to shake up my whole life and move to a new job and new city.

The title of my blog was inspired by the unwanted, recurring thoughts or images that are a hallmark of OCD. Most of the time they’re manageable, but the disorder is always there in the background, like a pair of sunglasses I can’t take off that make me see the world just a little differently.

I’ll try to explain that better in a later post, but for now, this is me in an internet nutshell.


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