On Monday we close on our new house. All the obstacles have been overcome! We have various people coming to do work for a few days, then we move next weekend. I can’t wait to get settled into a new permanent spot where all our stuff can be out instead of half of it being crammed in the basement. I’m going to tie-dye before Christmas.

I am glad we had one last Halloween in the duplex. The street really goes all out for Halloween. There are just as many lights as there are for Christmas. I took both kids one way for a while, then me and my daughter left the toddler at home so we could make better time. She went as a “chihuahua fairy”: got bored with being a cat fairy so she switched to a dog. He was a superhero of some sort. They never wear the costumes they plan out, always parts of whatever they like that particular day. We did do a family costume for one event, and I made the kids’ clothes for that.

The house we ended up buying is actually the 2nd house we bid on. The first one needed a lot of work and the sellers did not want to negotiate. Mold was involved too. It would have cost us anywhere from $10k to $30k to fix the problems on top of what we were paying, so we cut our losses and backed out of the contract. Allergies and mold sounded like an uphill battle.

The new one needs a roof but the sellers negotiated and we’re very happy with it. The kids get their own bathroom! It’s very open, too, so we can see what the kids are up to while we do grown things.

Unfortunately, work-wise, I’m back to square one. I got a new boss who was great. It was a temporary appointment that became even temporary-er when he ended up leaving after less than 3 months. I’m working with every resource I have available to make it work for a while at least. Things are going a tiny bit better lately, but I still don’t trust it. Operation GTFO is on delay until after the move, and after a medical issue we have to deal with in the next two months. But I’m not sure I’m going to sign up for another class since I may need to leave or change jobs before the end of next semester.

I can’t wait to get the move over with and stay put for at least the next decade, I hope! Two moves in a year is way too much.




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